As developers, we tend to be reserved and not easily surprised. We like to see intelligence and systems applied to regular processes and watch as the world becomes better and more exciting when smart tech makes things happen. Marketing is sometimes a loaded word when it comes to our kind, leaving us sceptical about the challenges that might be awaiting us in a world of email campaigns, promotions etc.

Truth is developers are the new kingmakers as through our creations we respond to consumer behaviour, shape products, industries and sometimes make revolutionary discoveries.

Email marketing is one of those areas where developers are cleverly and subtly disrupting the future by innovating and solving the right problems. Big data sorting? Connecting information to the Internet of Things and delivering the most astonishing results? This is what email marketing is actually about.

Serious big data sorting is a huge trend in email marketing and a true opportunity for the most talented developers. Love analysis and solving puzzles? Prepare to get your crack at them if you work in email.

Think about it! Everything we do online is increasingly leaving a digital trace (generating behaviour data) which we (and others) can use and analyse. But guess what? This is a challenge in itself. You have data capture, data curation, search, analysis, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, querying and information privacy and everything is constantly changing.

Let’s say you are walking through a shopping district in your city and have recently looked up a pair of sneakers on the internet. You receive an email notification from one of your subscribed stores that this particular pair of shoes is now on sale and just around the corner from your location. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Marketers have long sought to send relevant emails and now it’s possible.

“Learning to drive loyalty with the use of contextual data clues—time, geo-location, weather, events, behaviour, etc.—is gold,” says Kristin Naragon, Director of Email Solutions at Adobe. “By 2020, the ability to use these data points to inform campaigns will become the status quo.”

Yes, as a developer you have to deliver relevant emails by sending the right content, to the right person, at the right time. And, don’t forget, you are fighting alongside giants such as Google, Yahoo and more, in a competition of who gets there first. Not easy, but incredibly fun to be David in a battle with Goliath.

And when you beat them to the INBOX, you push Goliath to change its rules and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a giant forced to move.