Our team works hard, but also plays hard. Be it at the office for a break or at home, we enjoy going on adventures to look for powerful artifacts, fight with tribes and unravelling a futuristic New York landscape.

2016 is a very exciting year for the gaming industry with classic revivals such as Doom, ends to amazing series and new types of mysterious game play that challenge logical thinking. Take a look at some of our office favorites.

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End - One of gaming’s best-loved cinematic blockbusters ever to be created for Sony’s Playstation came to a triumphant end this year with Nathan Drake going in search of the mythical pirate city of Libertalia alongside his brother. A powerful game about love. loss, regret, and redemption. In both its momentous set pieces and its intimate, personal moments, Uncharted 4 drives its narrative forward with a rare understanding of its characters, its world, and the gameplay tying them all together. It's a stunning combination of disparate parts with gorgeous surrounding and storylines.

2. The Witness – This mysterious adventure game is actually playing with us. Exploring this deserted island hosting unusual puzzles that get your head cracking, has gotten us searching the web for brain updates. While at its base it is a game of maze puzzles, the pacing of the game and mechanics of each conundrum means that deciphering the island's secrets is like learning a language. It's a game that makes the player feel clever and will genuinely have you punching the air or laughing out loud, just from correctly solving the simplest of missions.

3. Doom – A much anticipated revival for this classic representative of video game history has finally found its way to us. Maybe a bit out of place in the age of storytelling games, the granddaddy of the first-person-shooter brings a comfortable nostalgia and a smile on each of our faces as we remember the times when waiting behind closed doors gave us chills and encountering pixelated monsters was terrifying. A simple and probably the purest shooter out there, speed and focus are essential for survival and blowing up demons can be quite satisfying and fun.

4. Dark Souls III – We are no strangers to the uncompromising fantasy RPG series. This is a game that recognizes the value of perseverance, tearing you down before it pulls you back up and preparing you for greater and greater challenges. Only the bravest in our office dare to play it and our battles are not to finish, but to see who gets to go the mile.

5. Unravel – From the dark to the whimsical and incredible world of a backyard. Gorgeous physics-based puzzle-platformer that casts you as Yarny, a spindly but determined scrap of wool. Initially a relaxing game that allows you to travel to a world so much bigger than you can imagine, Yarny grows complex and sophisticated as the story evolves with increasingly difficult puzzles that need physics knowledge for success.

6. Tom Clancy’s The DivisionThe Division, an online bombastic military-RPG, cleverly disguised as a third-person shooter, is set in the grim aftermath of a biological attack on New York City. The sound of gunshots sets the scene for a futuristic action-driven game play where you get chances at little wins that make you happy. Surprising characters that make fun of a terrible situation and allow you to relax in this demanding layout.